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Denzel Washington says there will be "The Equalizer 3"

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Stays cool under pressure
Stays cool under pressure

14 Jan – Denzel Washington recently assured that the third instalment of his action flick, "The Equalizer" will be going as planned.

The actor, who first played the role of former U.S. Marine and DIA intelligence officer Robert McCall in 2014, told Collider that he is planning to prepare himself to reprise the role again this year.

"They have written the third Equalizer, so I'm scheduled to do that. So, I have to get in shape and start beating people up again. I get to beat people up again. The tragedy of Macbeth and then going and beating some people up. Can't get any better, right?" he said.

Sigh, someone's gotta beat these people up

It is noted that he recently starred as Lord Macbeth in "The Tragedy of Macbeth" by director Joel Coen.

At the same time, Antoine Fuqua, who directed the first two movies, was revealed to also be in talks to helm the third film.

"The Equalizer" is based on the '80s spy thriller of the same name, starring Edward Woodward as a retired intelligence agent with a mysterious past.

Hmmm ..these tools can come in handy

Cinema Online, 14 January 2022

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