Two Malaysian filmmakers to compete internationally

Two Malaysian filmmakers to compete internationally

"Barbarian Invasion
"Barbarian Invasion" competed at the Shanghai International Film Festival last year

3 Mar – Two Malaysian filmmakers are set to compete at two different international awards with their respective movies.

Director Tan Chui Mui, who recently directed and starred in "Barbarian Invasion", successfully made it to the Osaka Asian Film Festival in the Competition section.

This section will present 15 films chosen from films completed on or after 1st October 2020 and unreleased in Japan. The jurors will choose the winners of the Grand Prix and Most Promising Talent Award from these films.

Tan Chui Mui directs and stars in "Barbarian Invasion"

The movie also co-stars Bront Palarae

Other films that is a part of the Competition section include Jun Robles Lana's "Big Night" (PH), Longman Leung's "Anita" (HK), Iizuka Kasho's "Angry Son" (JPN), and Hong Seung-Eun's "Aloners" (SK).

The Osaka Asian Film Festival will be held from 10 to 20 March.

It is noted that "Barbarian Invasion" has already held its world premiere at various international festivals, including the 22nd Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival, as well as the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022.

The arthouse action film, helmed by Tan Chui Mui of "Love Conquers All" fame and produced under Da Huang Pictures banner, is Tan's comeback project as a director after a decade, making it her third feature film after the aforementioned film and 2010's "Year Without a Summer". "Barbarian Invasion" follows a washed-up female actor who is offered a comeback opportunity after a devastating divorce, only to find her ex-husband cast opposite her.

Chen Yihwen's "The Boys Club" will be competing at the Busan International Short Film Festival

On the other hand, director Chen Yihwen will be competing for the Grand Prix at the Busan International Short Film Festival with her short film, "The Boys Club".

The upcoming festival will be held from 27 April to 2 May.

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