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Jack Neo to direct "Money No Enough 3"

Where got money enough?
Where got money enough?

4 Oct – Jack Neo is set to helm the third instalment of one of his oldest franchises, "Money No Enough".

The film will be reuniting three of its original stars, Mark Lee, Henry Thia, and Neo himself, and as before, will revolve around the financial issues and problems faced by Singaporeans.

"I have always felt that the first 'Money No Enough' was the most important movie in the history of Singapore," said Clover Films' Lim Teck. "The mind-boggling SGD5.8 million box office and almost one million admissions it achieved in 1998 gave hope to local filmmakers that it was possible to have a home-made blockbuster and a thriving movie industry here."

 Ya lo.. money really no enough
Ya lo.. money really no enough

The first film, released in 1998 and written by Neo, is about three friends, the white-collar worker Keong, the general contractor Ong, and the waiter Hui with financial problems who start a car polishing business together.

The second movie, released ten years after the first, has the three stars playing brothers who find deeper meanings of life as tragedies unfold.

In the third film, Mark, Henry and Jack Neo will return as Keong, Ong, and Hui, as they face their own family and financial problems in their old age, while facing the younger generation with different value systems.

The three reunited in
The three reunited in "Money No Enough 2" in 2008

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