Korean Film Festival 2023 movie highlights

Korean Film Festival 2023 movie highlights

Don't miss the chance to watch Korean movies for free
Don't miss the chance to watch Korean movies for free

15 Nov - The 2023 Korean Film Festival (KFF) is set to return to Malaysia, ready to entertain film lovers and to share opportunities for viewers to get to know about the best aspects of Korean culture.

This year also marks a significant milestone as it is the 40th Anniversary of the Look East Policy (LEP) for Malaysia – South Korea. The Look East Policy, initially launched to gain knowledge of best practices from East Asian countries like South Korea, has evolved into a platform for celebrating the enduring friendship and collaboration between Malaysia and South Korea.

To be held from 23 - 26 November at GSC Mid Valley Megamall, the Festival is bringing 5 captivating titles for all to enjoy on the big screen. All the movies featured in the KFF 2023 can be watched free of charge (booking surcharge applies).

For movie showtimes and information, visit Cinema Online's Korean Film Festival 2023 site HERE.

Do start scheduling your watch-list around these 5 movies, so that you don't miss out on watching them on the big screen.

The Front Line (2011)

The Front Line

Towards the end of the Korean War, a South Korean battalion is fiercely battling over a hill on the front line border against the North in order to capture a strategic point that would determine the new border between two nations. The ownership of this small patch of land would swap multiple times each day. Kang is dispatched to the front line in order to investigate a case that's happened there. But he gets sucked into a war that's more terrifying than death itself when he meets his friend Kim, who has transformed into a war machine, and his unit. As the countdown to the ceasefire begins, both sides become more vicious, resulting in the loss of countless lives until the last man can claim the land.

Bori (2020)


Bori, an 11-year-old girl who lives in a sea village, is the only family member who can hear. Being an elementary school student, Bori gradually becomes more familiar with communicating with her friends at school by speaking and has a difficult time joining in a sign language conversation at home. "Why was I the only person born different from my family?" The more she thinks about it, the more she feels alienated.

Granny Poetry Club (2019)

Granny Poetry Club

The grannies from Chilgok memorised the multiplication table in Japanese and lived their entire lives illiterate in Korean. This was because in 1938, the Japanese Governor-General of Korea banned the usage and education of the Korean language in all schools. These grannies from Chilgok had given everything for their children's education despite the backbreaking burden and workload. Then one day a Korean school opened in their village and sparked a fire in their hearts. As they learned the Korean alphabet, they became literary ladies who see poetry in everything in the world. "Poems here. Poems there. Poems are all over the place."

Tunnel (2016)


Jung-soo, an ordinary car dealer, is on his way home with a birthday cake for his daughter. As he drives into a tunnel, an unbelievable thing happens; the tunnel collapses on him. Minutes later, he realizes that he is completely caught in between the debris. Outside, this breaking news creates media frenzy and a thoughtless reporter even airs a live phone interview with Jung-soo, using up his mobile phone batteries. While Jung-soo struggles to survive, a series of ridiculous blunders delays the rescue operation and threatens his chances to make it out alive. Soon, he runs out of food, water, and phone batteries, making him totally incommunicado.

Kai (1996)


Snow Queen Hattan casts a spell over the peaceful village where Kai lives and covers everything in ice. The River Spirit who is the protector of the village gives the brave young Kai the only key to fighting off Hattan and asks him to save the village.

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