Don't miss driven and inspirational "Gold" by "Paskal" director Adrian Teh

Don't miss driven and inspirational "Gold" by "Paskal" director Adrian Teh

"Gold" gala premiere at GSC Aurum, The Exchange TRX Kuala Lumpur
10 Jul - Astro Shaw, in association with Act 2 Pictures, Clover Films, and One Cool Entertainment, presents "Gold", an action sports film inspired by the true story of Cheah Liek Hou, the world's first Paralympic badminton gold medallist at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The movie will be released in cinemas nationwide starting July 11.

Directed by Adrian Teh, known for "PASKAL The Movie" and "Malbatt: Misi Bakara", Adrian proves his capability by also producing a sports-themed film this time round.

"Gold" tells the life story of the Malaysian's para-badminton champion, Cheah Liek Hou, from a young age. As he strives to make a name for himself in the national sports arena, he is diagnosed with a nerve disease known as Erb's Palsy. Losing his father, who was his strongest supporter, also leaves him directionless. However, when the world Paralympic event recognises badminton as a sport to be contested in Tokyo, Cheah rises again with the help of coach and Malaysian legend Rashid Sidek.
Adrian Teh hopes that
Adrian Teh hopes that "Gold" will inspire our national athletes
At the gala premiere and press conference of "Gold" at GSC Aurum The Exchange TRX, Kuala Lumpur, recently, executive producer and director Adrian Teh shared that the idea for the film sparked after he watched the video of Cheah presenting the gold medal that he won to his coach, Rashid Sidek. "I see the story of Cheah Liek Hou itself as a script. So I think this story needs to be told. This is the true spirit of Malaysia. I chose a screening date that is close to the date of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. At this time, I am confident that the national athletes are ready. So I hope this film can motive and inject enthusiasm for our athletes to bring honour to our country," he enthused.

Also present at the event was Cheah Liek Hou, who admitted that he was touched after watching a film about his life as he remembers his late father. "After watching it, I was so touched that I cried. Especially when watching the scene where my father died when I was involved in a competition in Thailand, then my mother was hospitalised, as well as the scene where I won a gold medal for the country," he said.
Cheah Liek Hou shares his thoughts about the film
Cheah Liek Hou shares his thoughts about the film
Beyond its impressive cinematography, the film's strength lies in its impactful action scenes, both emotionally and in terms of the message conveyed. Each scene is well executed by renowned local actors such as Farid Kamil as Rashid Sidek, and Jack Tan who had shone in the film "Abang Adik", and time as Cheah Liek Hou. They are supported by Wan Raja as Misbun Sidek, Fabian Loo as Guan Ting, 1990s popular singer Freddie Ng, Josiah Hogan, Daniel Cheah, Yasmin Hani, Lynn Lim, Meeki Ng, and with special appearances by Tony Eusoff, Nafiez Zaidi, and Ikhram Juhari.

The scenes in "Gold" are not only supported by captivating cinematography and high-quality production design but also by impactful background music. The film features the main theme song, 'Kita Pasti Boleh,' performed by Kaka Azraff, Daniel Sher, and Saint T.F.C, fully composed by Daniel Sher. This upbeat song is sure to instill a strong sense of patriotism in the audience.

Don't forget to watch "Gold" in cinemas starting July 11
Jack Tan (left) plays Cheah Liek Hou in the film, and the real Cheah Liek Hou
Jack Tan (left) plays Cheah Liek Hou in the film, and the real Cheah Liek Hou

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