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Japanese Film Festival Online 2024

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After a two-year hiatus, the much-anticipated Japanese Film Festival Online (JFFO) makes a grand return to Malaysia, spanning from 5th June to 3rd July 2024. This 3rd edition of JFF Online is set to captivate Japanophiles with an unprecedented selection of titles over a month-long period brought to you by the generous efforts of The Japan Foundation.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a wide range of films from timeless classic to drama, horror, animation, and documentary. A variety of 23 films will be delivered during the first two weeks, followed by two TV drama series for the subsequent two weeks.

All films and series will be streamed free of charge and with multiple subtitles.

  • JFFO 2024 starts from 12:00 pm 5 Jun 2024 until 12:00 pm 3 July 2024.
  • The festival schedule is separated into 2 segments:
    • 5 Jun 11:00 am - 19 Jun 11:00 am (MST) : 23 films
    • 19 Jun 11:00 am - 3 Jul 11:00 am (MST) : 2 TV drama series
  • All titles are available to stream on JFF+ website via this link: (User registration is required)
  • Subtitles are available in English, Malay and Chinese for all the titles.
  • Visit How to Watch JFF Online for guidelines.
JFF Online 2024 Movies & TV Dramas
Anime Supremacy! (JFF Online)
05 Jun 2024
Baby Assassins (JFF Online)
05 Jun 2024
BL Metamorphosis (JFF Online)
05 Jun 2024
Downtown Rocket (JFF Online)
05 Jun 2024
Father Of The Milky Way Railroad (JFF Online)
05 Jun 2024
Handsome Suit (JFF Online)
05 Jun 2024
I Am What I Am (JFF Online)
05 Jun 2024
List of Movies
** The following titles are available 5 Jun 11:00 am - 19 Jun 11:00 am (MST)

List of TV Drama Series
** TV Drama titles are available 19 Jun 11:00 am - 3 Jul 11:00 am (MST)

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