"Paper Moon" not erotic enough

"Paper Moon" not erotic enough

Stanley Law, director of "Paper Moon".

7 Jan – After receiving positive reception from international film festivals last year, local director Stanley Law was very excited to see the release of his feature film "Paper Moon" in his home country this month but the filmmaker is not satisfied with the amount of love scenes in the movie, according to sinchew.com.my.

"Paper Moon" stars "Cold War" and "Infernal Affairs" star Gordon Lam, "Men Suddenly In Love" actress Chrissie Chau, local singer-actor Tedd Chan Kwok Fai and Rynn Lim Yee Chung. The film is a bittersweet love story centred on a poor kite-maker named Chen Tian Song who finds himself falling in love with the daughter of his first love due to her uncanny resemblance to her mother.

Director Law explained that he did not shoot a lot of love scenes for "Paper Moon", which is currently classified as P13, because of the limitations of the censorship rules implemented by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS).

"We could have shot more love scenes if not because of local censorship issues. I hope FINAS can be slightly lenient to our production," said Law.

He added, "I have another version for some parts of "Paper Moon" which I might be posting it up on Facebook to share with the public in the future."

Hong Kong actress Chrissie Chau will have spicy love scenes in "Paper Moon".

The audience will get to see how Law and his team instilled the unique Malaysian culture that is the kite-making tradition by the Kelantanese in "Paper Moon". Incidentally, the film's title, "Paper Moon", is a direct translation of the phrase 'wau bulan'.

"I want to show my love for Malaysian culture in this film but I also hope that the government will show more support to Chinese productions in this country," he said.

"Paper Moon" will see release in Malaysia on 17 January. A gala premiere for the film will be held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 15 January, with the main actors to be present on the day.

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