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Franco and Rogen get "Naked and Afraid"

Writer: Erny Suzira

Watch Franco and Rogen get naked and afraid this coming December!

14 Nov – To promote their upcoming action comedy film, "The Interview" which will be released in U.S. this coming Christmas, James Franco and Seth Rogen get 'naked and afraid' in a special episode of the Discovery Channel reality docudrama, "Naked and Afraid".

Yesterday, "Good Morning America" released a short sneak peek of the special episode which featured the two long-time friends and colleagues, Franco and Rogen (both naked) meeting in the woods looking slightly disappointed, The Wrap reports

"What are you doing here?" asked Rogen. "You're supposed to be a hot Australian-like, survivalist," replied Franco. "Do you know anything about surviving out here?" Rogen asked Franco to which he then responded, "I'm glad it's you brother." Both of them then shared a naked hug together.

This special episode of "Naked and Afraid" will be a hilarious one!
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Bringing their sense of humour on the show, Franco admitted to the camera in a confessional, "Honestly, I was a little surprised." Then the camera turns on Rogen who joked, "I was hoping I'd be teamed up with a woman, but I guess Franco is the next best thing. He's pretty much hairless. Take your glasses off, he's pretty much a woman."

The special episode will officially premiere in U.S. on 7 December 2014 before audiences see the co-stars next in, "The Interview" which will be released on 25 December 2014.

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Cinema Online, 14 November 2014

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