Movies Not to Miss: April 2018

Movies Not to Miss: April 2018

Which of these are you going to watch?

April is a month for action, Asian and a big assembly of superheroes you could fit into one screen.

While Hollywood churns out the adrenaline-fueled set pieces, we are also getting quite a large number of Asian horrors, so pick your poison.

This month, we'll also be seeing this year's edition of the French Film Festival (LFF), so there's something for those who want to be a little classy in the cinema.

Without much ado, here are the movies we recommend not to miss for April 2018!

A Quiet Place

Horrors coming out earlier in the year have been becoming smarter and smarter, sometimes even smart enough to make it to the Oscar race. While most of the horror roster this month comes from many of our Asian neighbors, we didn't expect this one from American director and actor John Krasinski. Sound makes up half of the cinematic experience, but we don't expect to be hearing a lot of that in "A Quiet Place", where we meet a family that is scrapping to survive in an apocalypse where even the slightest sound draws some unseen monsters. Written as a spec script by Krasinski, who eventually made it under the encouragement of his wife, Emily Blunt, the duo would be starring as the parents of the family, and we are already impressed by the use of silence for suspense in this horror.

General Release Date: 5 April

Samui Song

While there's a whole slew of Asian horrors, most of them are your traditional supernatural scares set in haunted houses or possessed personas. This is where "Samui Song" does things differently by being centered on a wife who is married to a man who firmly believes in a man called The Holy One. Director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang is a seasoned director who seems to know how to build the suspense, while injecting a disturbing twist and turns when living under the oppression of a cult.

General Release Date: 5 April


The Rock has been going on many outdoor adventures with wildlife of late. With last year's "Jumanji" reboot, this year he is on another involving giant apes. Based on the video game of the same name, Dwayne Johnson plays as a primatologist with a close bond to an albino goriila who goes through a mysterious genetic transformation. This could be seen as a penny version of "Pacific Rim", with giant ape versus giant predators, but hopefully this next collaboration between director Brad Peyton and Dwayne Johnson could bring out more excitement than it sounds. Also starring are Naomie Harris, Joe Manganiello, and Malin Akerman.

General Release Date: 12 April

Tomorrow is Another Day

Mrs. Wong is a mother to an autistic son, and when she discovers that her husband is having an affair, she endures it for the sake of her son. We haven't seen movie that deals with the subject autism since 2016's "Redha" until "Tomorrow is Another Day" premiered at this year's Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFF). Now going on its wide release for the Malaysian audience, this is the directorial debut for screenwriter Tai-lee Chan, who has written for the "Ip Man" series, "The Monkey King" and the youth-centered "The Way We Dance". It may be unexpected from her credentials, but "Tomorrow is Another Day" seems to have been well carried by the authentic performances by Teresa Mo, Ray Lui and Ling Man-Lung.

General Release Date: 12 April

Goodbye Christopher Robin

April isn't all just about pumping your adrenaline with quieter releases like "Goodbye Christopher Robin", which is the true life story behind the inspiration and creation of Winnie the Pooh by author A.A Milne. Directed by Simon Curtis, best known for his biographical work on Marilyn Monroe in "My Week with Marilyn", it stars Domhnall Gleeson as the creator of Winnie the Pooh and Margot Robbie as his wife.

General Release Date: 19 April


Comedy is also on the menu this April, with dastardly action, premised by humorous circumstances and delivered by an outstanding cast in "Gringo". David Oyelowo is a business representative sent to Mexico to deliver an experimental marijuana pill, but ends up getting kidnapped by a drug cartel. This is Nash Edgerton's second directorial feature since 2008's "The Square", and features an enjoyable cast of Joel Edgerton, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Thandie Newton, and Sharlto Copley in a whacky action comedy that seems to mix "Horrible Bosses" with "The Hangover".

General Release Date: 19 April

Avengers: Infinity War

The big A movie that everyone's been waiting for this April. After 18 Marvel movies and being teased since the first "Avengers" movie in 2012, the biggest assemblage of superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are ready to take on Thanos and his gauntlet of infinity. Directed by the Russo Brothers for their third Marvel movie and managing the Avengers team from Joss Whedon, "Infinity War" will follow after the events of "Civil War" with the dissolution of the Avengers as Thanos searches for the last Infinity Stones.

General Release Date: 25 April


But of course, you may not need to see all the superheroes that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to bear against the greatest superhero of them all. Rajinikanth returns to India after "Kabali", this time as a gangster and protector of Tamils living in Mumbai. Thought to be a spiritual sequel to "Kabali" and based on notorious gangster Haji Mastan (both have since been denied by the filmmakers) directed by "Kabali" director Pa. Ranjith, this is a completely fictional story of Rajinikanth doing what he does best, with Huma Qureshi, Anajli Patil, and Nana Patekar staring opposite him.

General Release Date: 27 April

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