Zizan Razak to make Indonesian debut

Zizan Razak to make Indonesian debut

Zizan Razak takes a break from acting during this Ramadhan month.

24 Jun – Actor, comedian, and host Zizan Razak is set to spread his wings in Indonesia as he has recently been offered a role in an Indonesian production.

"When I received the offer, I did ask whether they recognise who I was since I have never worked on any of the country's productions before.

"They told me that they liked my acting and would love me to join the new project," said the actor to mStar.

The "Abang Long Fadil" actor revealed that the project is the country's fully local production and he is the sole Malaysian talent who will be starring in it.

Zizan, or Mohd Razizan Abdul Razak, however, said that he has not signed any contract as it is still in the early stages.

The 32-year-old also expressed his excitement as he looks forward to working with an overseas production, feeling that the experience will be different when compared to working with the local crew here.

Meanwhile, the actor also revealed that during this Ramadhan month, he has declined many work offers as he wants to focus on fasting and spending more time with his family.

(Photo source: Zizan Razak's Instagram)

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