Hollywood wants MH370 story

Hollywood wants MH370 story

J.C. Spink's "Red Eye" was a 2005 thriller film revolving around a red eye flight.

2 Apr - J.C. Spink, executive producer for the 2005 flight thriller film "Red Eye" has told Hollywood Reporter that it is very much possible that Hollywood has already started planning on their own film versions of the Malaysian Airlines flight, MH370 incident.

Spink said that there could already be "50 different people working on 50 different projects that are either inspired by MH370, or based directly on it right now".

He also said that the disappearance of MH370 was a shocking tragedy, and that it was an intriguing idea for a compelling aviation thriller.

"Clearly, something more happened on that flight than we will ever know. And that's a great jumping-off point," he said.

However as quoted by The Star, KRU Studios' co-founder and filmmaker Yusry Abdul Halim who made last year's "Vikingdom", has said that he would not want to make a film out of the tragedy, stating that, "As a Malaysian, this is a highly sensitive issue. But for a Hollywood studio this is nothing to them. They have tackled taboo subjects in films before."

Yusry Abdul Halim of KRU Studios' says he will not want to make a film out of MH370.

Yusry Abdul Halim was also asked if the story's copyright should only be kept within this region, to which he replied with, "There is no such thing."

But while Hollywood is apparently getting busy planning different projects related to MH370, an Australian disaster film called "Deep Water" has been temporarily shelved due to its plot that's coincidently too similar to the real-life tragedy.

At its pre-production stage, "Deep Water" is described as a story about survivors of a plane crash lost at sea whom were on the way to Beijing from Australia.

"We thought it wasn't the right time to make a film about a plane crash right now. We have decided it is best to pull back on production of the film for a few months," said managing director of Arclight Films, Gary Hamilton who admitted the movie has many similarities to the Malaysian Airlines crash in the southern Indian ocean which had lost 239 passengers and crew.

"Deep Water" was described by filmmaker Alister Grierson as a "fun action-adventure with thrills and spill and scares."

The film was a planned sequel to the shark horror film, "Bait 3D" which was released in September 2012 and is scheduled to be released in two years' time.

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