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Kristen Bell "Frozen"

Kristen Bell will next be seen in Ken Kwapis's "Big Miracle".

8 Mar – American actress Kristen Bell, who shot to fame with her role as the title character on the acclaimed television series "Veronica Mars" have accepted offers to provide the voice for the lead character in Disney's upcoming adaptation of the "Snow Queen" fairy tale, titled "Frozen", and star in Jennifer Getzinger's film adaptation of Neil LaBute's "Some Girls", according to Empire Online.

It has also been reported that Disney veteran Chris Buck, who is the director of "Surf's Up", is set to direct the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale about a boy named Kay, whose mind is warped when his heart and eyes are pierced by shards of a troll mirror. He then becomes enamoured of the Snow Queen and runs away with her, but his childhood friend and sweetheart Gerda still believes he can be saved and sets out on a quest to find him.

Although the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star has been confirmed a spot for the lead character, it is still not certain if she will be playing the Snow Queen herself or the heroine Gerda, or even if the characters and storyline will adhere to the original for that matter, knowing Disney.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Bell will also play Bobbi in drama film "Some Girls", a broken-hearted woman ditched by Adam Brody's character years ago without a warning or an explanation, leaving her hurt and bitter. As the story goes, Brody plays a man who attempts to make amends with several ex-girlfriends on the eve of his wedding.

"Frozen" is aiming for a late 2013 release date while "Some Girls" may be released early 2013.

Bell can next be seen in "Big Miracle", which will be released in both Malaysia and Singapore on 19 April.

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