Farid Kamil keeps mum on wife's sexy magazine spread

Farid Kamil keeps mum on wife's sexy magazine spread

Farid Kamil at the premiere of "Abang Lejen".

14 Apr – Popular actor and director Farid Kamil has nothing to add to the controversy regarding his actress wife, Diana Danielle, who recently posed in lingerie for a local magazine.

"I have no comment," said the actor to Cinema Online when asked about the issue, at the premiere of his latest movie "Abang Lejen" last night.

"This is a matter that should be addressed by my wife's representative, Prokuya Studio.

"As her husband, I prefer not to mix my career with my personal life. All I can say is, this is a "hybrid problem" situation that I haven't encountered before," the actor added.

Diana Danielle posing in black lingerie (Photo source: rotikaya).

The controversy sparked early last month when Diana appeared in an edition of Esquire Malaysia while posing in black lingerie, with a flag draped over her shoulders to cover part of her sides and back.

This led to several critical comments left on her Instagram photos by people who believe that the muslim actress was being inappropriate.

However, Farid is not fazed by the controversy. He instead takes this as a challenge toward becoming a greater actor, saying, "Maybe this is a challenge to me as an artist. I can only pray that things work out fine. This was something unexpected, but to me, on one's way to becoming an acting legend, there will always be tests and challenges to face and overcome."

The actor will be seen starring in his upcoming movie, "Abang Lejen", which will be released in cinemas this 16 April.

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